On 'Creaturely'

"Exploring the edges of humanity, and our connection with nature - our interwoven wildness".

My name is Kay (she/her/they), and I've created this blog to record, share and explore my ongoing relationship with nature (which I believe, is also inherently 'us'). From the moment I was able to walk, I have been breathtaken by nature, and all of the ways that we can forge a reciprocal bond with the earth. From pressing my body into fields of wheat, rescuing injured birds or making 'petal perfume' when I was younger, to living in the Malvern Hills and feeling the safety of nearby 'mountains' when I was a teenager - and now, to living between the sea and the forest in West Sussex; I am learning the true value of nature in my life, and ultimately what I can give back. Though I often write long-form, nature-rich pieces, I want to be clear that this space is not only dedicated to recounting forays over valleys and hill forts in the rural countryside, but it is also to draw attention to the nature in my true local environment - which happens to be a small two-bedroom housing association flat, next to some train tracks, and with a communal (managed) garden outside. I don't drive, I don't currently have a job (thanks COVID), and I'm a Mother.

I come to my writing honestly, and hope to express the depths of my own humanity as I walk myself out of my shadows and anxieties; a literal archive of my journey as I learn to face the fear of stepping out alone, as a genderfluid person, as someone who has learnt to fear being outdoors as much as indoors, or being alone as much as being with others - of being me. This is a place to explore my self as much as nature and to express it; to learn which boundaries exist to me yet also to release myself from others - to find solace in the unknown, to share my experiences and edges, and to add my voice to the dawn chorus.

What can you expect to see here? Writing on walking, books that I'm reading, food that I'm foraging/cooking/growing, life writing, Motherhood, and any particular projects that I'm working on. I want this to grow into a community; I want to include and raise the voices of others at every opportunity, and so if this seems like a good fit then I implore you to reach out (I aim to hold space for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and women as a priority, though I will always include anyone who is learning within intersectional environmentalism). This is about all of us and the beautiful planet we live on; not just you or I, but the very fabric of what weaves us all together.

Find me on Instagram and Twitter @creaturely_ and on Medium https://kayleygladwin.medium.com